Are you a (Some Comic Descriptor) looking for a (Substantive Absurdity)? (Insert Cornball Hook Line here) and (Question of Ambition here). Further Promotion Statement. Intense Promotion Proclamation! Rhetorical Question of Membership?


In seriousness, our expectations are few ... and well, we actually don't really have any ... just do what you can – when you can, but most importantly, don’t be a Jerk. That means we are looking for team-oriented players because we think that will make us tighter knit so welcome and encourage all newcomers with great attitudes.

Our Guild is focused on helping one another; we seek to promote the member above promoting the Guild. It is our belief that by having strong, active members who enjoy the game we become a stronger Guild.

So, of course, our member expectations are more like guidelines, and it should reasonably follow if there is an Issue with those, communication is expected (both ways).

In return, we will help provide Blueprints through our BP incubator; access to our tips, tricks and strategy guides to fast-track your city's growth; as well as weekly FP drawings.

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