What Is an Event?

A new event is starting soon, and you don’t know what to do? No worries, this installment will provide some insights so you can boss an event and maximize your event gains! This is by no means conclusive as I am sure there are other methods that will also work, but it will provide you a good stepping-off point if you are new to Events!

Events will typically have more Quests than there are event days so you will need to be prepared to run more than one Quest per day. Here are some things you can do to prepare you for events …


What I’ve found is that you will need anywhere from 2 to 3 parcels of land available to handle Event Quests in a timely manner. The amount of land needed depends on your Age and the size of Cultural, Goods and Supply buildings so you may place multiple down at a time. So begin by reorganizing your city and then use those parcels for inexpensive Goods buildings or such that you can either sell when the Event starts or store if it’s a more expensive building that you don’t mind stowing away until the Event is over. I will typically use the bottom left-hand corner of my City as that is a catch-all area.

You will also spend many Coins and Supplies throughout an Event so you will want to begin stocking up and conserving them as much as possible to routinely construct and trash buildings. Quests will also ask you to pay Goods (or donate to Treasury). The quantity of Coin, Supplies and Goods is linked to your City’s Age so reviewing the range will provide a good idea – a rough estimate for EMA is 50k Coin, 500k Supplies and 300 Goods on hand so you are not waiting when needed (more depending on how you want to handle certain Quests – see below). Added to this, is to ensure you have some excess Tavern Silver to spend.


Remember, if a Quest uses the word “production” that means Supply Buildings and “goods” means Goods Buildings.

Quests will typically not care the type the Age of the production buildings used when requesting productions (very rarely will ask for Current Age), so the IA Blacksmith is the best choice due to its cost and size. I’ve observed that Quests will always ask for more finished productions than I have buildings. For instance, if I have 10 production buildings down, a Quest will ask for 15 or 20 but if I have 2 production buildings down – it will ask for fewer. Prior to encountering this quest, I will delete those cheap Blacksmiths and construct them as needed - they only take 20 minutes to complete.

The only exception I make is for when Quests ask for 24/8/4 hour productions as these are huge bottlenecks to speed running the quests. I will start these well in advance of that Quest coming due as the Production will not count UNTIL you collect it. It can sit there for days, but do not click on it until the Quest is active so it will then count towards it. Alternatively, you could use ‘Finish Supply Production’ or ‘Mass Supply Rush’ enhancements from your Inventory if you have collected any to help expedite.


Quests will vary but will ask for you to Motivate/Polish buildings, collect/spend Tavern Silver or sit in other Taverns. Most folks usually make this a ritual, but you will need to look at the Quest list to determine if this type of Quest is coming up as you must wait 24 hours before those activities can be repeated. This will give you the opportunity to modify your ritual to do some Friend/Tavern activities and to hold others in reserve or to delay for timing purposes. Do not forget that you can also motivate/polish your Neighbors buildings as well and that motivating/polishing also has an opportunity to provide Tavern Silver.

Spending Tavern Silver is simply straight-forward. If you have upgrades to perform and can afford it, these Quests are a great opportunity to do so as the cost always satisfies the request. Be mindful on what you utilize to meet the Quest requirement though, you could end up tying up your Tavern boost for quit a long period of time when trying to conserve Silver by utilizing 4- or 8-hour boost versus spending a little more for a 15-minute boost.


Quests will ask you to gather Supplies, Coin or Goods as well. There are many ways to expedite this activity from timing your Quests to Goods collection (e.g., setting Goods for 8-Hours before going to bed or not collecting until Quest is active). You can also harvest Goods from the GE or GBG. The quickest method to gather Goods is through Trading. You will see the ‘circular trade’ requests appear in the Guild Trade thread to meet the requirement of this Quest.

A circular trade is simply where you trade Item A for Item B and then another trade for the same quantity of Item B for Item A such that there is no loss or no gain once the transactions are completed. For instance, if the quest requirement is for 10 Goods, I could make 2 trades: the first consisting of 5 Marble for 5 Wine and the second of 5 Wine for 5 Marble. These two trades, when accepted, would total 10 Goods gained thus meeting the Quest requirement.

A quick note on ‘Circle Trades’. Ensure you check “Guild Only” when setting up the trades and when you post the trade to the Guild thread – indicate that it is a circle trade. If accepting a circular trade for someone, it is best to call out that you will take the trades to ensure the circle is completed and another player does not interfere.

To meet the Supplies and Coin Quests, you could collect from your buildings when ready or sell buildings – and the buildings do not need to be constructed. For instance, a building costs 100 Coin and 100 Supplies to construct. You begin the construction, wait a moment and then sell the building for 50 Coin and 50 Supplies before it has finished building. Another method to gather Coin is through providing Aid.

An alternative method is to use Recurring Quest called the Unbirthday Quest (UBQ) and continue cycling until you have met the requirements whether its Coins, Supplies or Goods as that Quest provides for them all - including a ‘Complete # Quests’ Quest.


Quests that requests to increase or decrease Happiness or Population are cruel; however, there are some tricks you can do that can help (but not resolve) the pain - increasing either is much simpler. For Happiness an easy method as you can simply (and temporarily) sell/build roads and/or construct 1x1 Decorations which complete almost instantaneously. To increase Population, you can simply construct Housing or delete a building (or use a ‘Store Building’) that required Population. Decreasing either can be challenging and can be accomplished by the reverse of increase but can sometimes be much more challenging.


Most Quests will have an ‘or’ alternative. For instance, it may ask you do complete so many encounters in the Guild Expedition OR solve a moderate negotiation. Be sure to look ahead to reserve enough GE encounters if that is your thing or time the Quest during an active GE or else you will not be able to use the Extra Turn from the Tavern Shop for the required negotiation.

The look ahead rule (below) also applies to performing an activity with the Antiques Dealer or its alternative if you do not have access (or anything to sell or do not want to wait) or some requirement regarding the Campaign Map (e.g., acquire Sectors or Infiltrate). Campaign Map alternatives can sometimes be just as challenging or cause you significant delay in progressing the Quest Line.


There will be Quests requiring you to defeat some number of units or win so many battles. Thankfully, there are many outlets to meet this requirement and good ole Neighbors that don’t know how to defend their City.

The Guild Expedition (GE) or Guild Battle Grounds (GBG) is the easiest places to complete either Quest and they are usually open for your business. Another is your Neighborhood! Well, provided you haven’t Aided them in the last 24 hours, they should be available for a battle – and one you can hopefully win. For those Neighbors that have the default two (2) Spearmen, it may take quite a while to reach the unit quantity requirements.


There will be a "Recruit x units from your age/previous age" quest. This can be pretty straight forward as you can delete troops from barracks (or expend them in GE/GBG/Campaign Map/Neighborhood so they don’t go to waste) and simply recruit new ones. For those that do not have a barracks due to utilizing just Traz/Hideout combo – note that this will NOT work; however, there are other methods to meet the requirements. One is simply building a barracks and recruiting, completing some encounters of the GE/GBG as a reward (so look ahead so you have that one waiting). Note that Special Units (Rogues, Drummer, etc.) do NOT count so if your Army generation setup is only Alcatraz + Rogue Hideout, collecting will not satisfy the Quest.


Some tips on gaining population (if you do not want to wait for houses to be constructed). One method is to simply use a Store Building on a building that requires Population but only takes a few seconds to construct. These are typically Event buildings but a Terrace Farm is an excellent choice as well. Another method is to simply begin construction of a Goods building so they Population is deducted and then immediately sell it so the Population is added back to your available pool.


The final and most important tip here is to LOOK (and Read) AHEAD and know what your next 2, 3 or 4 Quests are so you are more than prepared such as not collecting on those Incidents so you can satisfy that Quest quickly and easily when it is active or save some FP on your FP Bar for when that 5th Quest down the line wants you spend 35 FP.

Again, the goal is to complete the Event Quests as quickly (and easily) as possible to ensure you are well positioned to take advantage of what the Event has to offer. Good luck!

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