What is FOE Tools

It is a set of tools created by he French player Yoratheon that helps perform calculations to "simplify life on Forge of Empires". For 1.9 Thread purposes, we will be looking at the GB Investment tool to assist with those calculations to help understand how to set the tool up and prepare a Great Building for leveling. This page will use the example of an Arc and to automatically open FOE Tools to the Arc Investment page, click here.

This tutorial seeks to go beyond the video referenced in the 1.9 thread by providing more information in a step-by-step manner.


The mobile and Web interface (via PC) look very similar but requires much more scrolling the smaller mobile devices which is slightly annoying, but a becomes a bit easier with use. The picture below will show a mobile telephone screenshot where you can only see a very small portion of the web page. Note the remainder of the screenshots were captured from a mobile telephone, but are edited to show complete sections and so are not representative of what you may see on your screen.


This tutorial will attempt to address the main areas of the tool to guide the reader. Screen element interpretation and instructions will follow each picture.

*** GB Selection ***

  1. Ensure you have selected the appropriate Great Building.

*** GB Investment ***

  1. Select the Level that the GB "is going to". For example, if your Arc was currently Level 15, you would ensure the Level was entered as 16.
  2. For 1.9 purposes, ensure the "% of global investors bonus" is set to 90.

For the remainder of the fields in this section, no change is required and should be left to the default values as shown here.

*** Reward Place Breakdown ***

We are primarily interested in four (4) columns in this section as it provides you with all the information you need to be successful in leveling your Arc in the 1.9 thread.

  1. The "FP to put by ..." column is the amount of FP that the GB owner will need to place in order to secure each reward spot. This column is cumalative meaning that for each reward Place, you will need to add up to the indicated amount and not an additional amount. In this example, we can see that if you were to put 383 FP on your Level 15 Arc, this would secure reward Places 1 and 2 (aka P1 and P2). Adding an addtional 47 FP would bring your investment up to a total of 430 FP which would secure the third reward Place (P3).
  2. The "Rewards with rate" column provides the amount that you are requesting investors to contribute to your Arc. Here, your P1 would be advertised for 371 FP, your P2 for 190 FP, etc.
  3. The "% of investors bonus ..." column should reflect the quantity entered in a previous step but can be accidentally changed. Ensure that they all are reporting 90.
  4. The "Include in copy boxes" column are toggle switchs which help make posting your advertisement easier. These can be switched off and on depending on which Place(s) you have secured and are ready to advertise.

At the bottom of this page, there is an example of showing a portion of this section in the "Card View" format.

*** Promotional Message - Selection ***

  1. Enter your name or a short, recognizable variant in the "Prefix" space provided.
  2. Select "Yes" to display GB name.
  3. Select "Yes" to "Use (GB) short name".
  4. Select "Yes" to "Show (GB) level".
  5. Select "No" to "Show only secured places". The promotional message reward Places shall be determined by the "Include in copy boxes" toggles you switched to "Yes" in the previous section.

*** Promotional Message - Copying and Formatting ***

  1. Select the 'Copy' button beside the promotional message shown above (name, GB, level, reward place from smallest to largest). This will copy the text in your device's clipboard for pasting into a message box.

In order to avoid potential confusion, you may opt to remove the other advertising message layouts by clicking the red, trash bin image to the left such that you are left with the advertisement of choice.

Card View Format

If you selected 'Yes' for the "Display the table in card view?" in the GB Investment area, each reward Place will have it's own "card" which will provide the same information in a row versus column format. The above picture depicts the first reward Place (P1) only - recall that there are five - and while it may display the information in an easier-to-read format, it complicates the understanding of the owner requirement.


Sometimes you may put the shown quantity of FP and your GB can still be unsecured due to other criminal actors 'investing' contributing FPs. The determination of how much additional FP that is required is beyond the scope of this tutorial but typically one-half additional FP is required.

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