What Are They?

Settlements are re-playable side-quests where your City assists another civilization to establish a city for special rewards, buildings and emissaries to assist your City. The rewards are generally the same (FP!) but there are some variances between the Vikings, Feudal Japan and Ancient Egypt settlements. Viking rewards skew towards combat/goods, Japan to supplies/good and Egypt to army units/guild goods.

Other than time, the cost to your City with settlements are Coin and Supplies; however, Japan will also need Goods.

The strategy is the same as your City where you start with a small amount of land space and limited buildings except you can draw on your City’s resources (Coin/Supplies) to develop the settlement. Upgraded settlement structures can be unlocked using the settlement’s currency (supplies, goods and diplomacy). The following approach should be utilized for your opening moves of the Vikings and Japanese settlement:

Note 1: The key to success in beating the completion clock is essentially tearing down the settlement and rebuilding it multiple times (which is why you need an effective supply production in your City to help the settlement.)

Note 2: For Vikings, never utilize one type of Good for more than 2 Land Expansions.


Vikings is a Settlement minigame that will ramp up your offensive combat bonus as well as provide Forge Points (FP), Coin and Goods! Here are tips and tricks to make it faster ...


Japanese is a Settlement minigame that will ramp up your supplies bonus as well as provide Coin, lots of Forge Points (FP) and Goods as well as free military units! Here are tips and tricks to make it faster ...

• First, review the HTW – SETTLEMENTS to get your Japanese Settlement started. That "opener" will allow you to exercise a Land Expansions and unlock Shrines in the shortest time.

• Review the HTW – VIKINGS! to understand the overall concept when it comes to dealing with housing/roads, bulldozing/rebuilding and cycling between making goods and producing supplies.

• Your first goal is to unlock the Merchant as quickly as possible. To do this, follow these steps:

Optimally, in the evening you should have 15 Soy and at least 4,000 Coin. Your mileage may vary depending on the availability of land without obstructions (e.g., only able to have 2 Shrines so may have needed to replace remaining Soy Farm with Shrines early in day to build up 4,000 Coin).

5- Reset settlement to 2 Soy Farm, 1 Shrine and remaining Huts to run 2, 8-hour Soy productions. Upon completion, reset settlement accordingly to unlock Gallery and Merchant.

Now, depending on what the Merchant offers, you may or may not be able to unlock additional Land - so again, your mileage may vary but only unlock land that costs 8 Goods. No more should be required, but feel free should you have excessive impediments or hit a Goods bonus and have unused/unplanned excess (experience with the Settlement will help guide).