A trade is exactly what it sounds like: I trade you some of my Goods (that I can spare) for some of a different kind (that I need). You might trade for urgent needs (to unlock a tech or fulfill a quest) or just to rebalance your inventory for negotiations (i.e., even out your stock of goods within an Age and the one prior).
Some Useful Information:

Note 1: In a pinch, you can make "unfair" trades that are not in your best interest to motivate others to make the trade (ex: 20 goods for 5 goods in the same era); however, please let the Market resolve that trade or advertise to your friends.
Note 2: It is allowable to trade down more than one level (ex: HMA goods for IA goods, skipping EMA) as that is only unfair to yourself.
Note 3: If you are having trouble getting a trade to move consider raising or lowering the amount in the trade (but maintain the "fair" ratio). Smaller trades typically work better in Guilds as they are free while larger ones work better on the Market as they cost 1 FP.
Note 4: Your “Market” consists of your Guild, your Friends and your Neighbors.
Note 5: It is good to try and keep 0 to 40% your friends that are the same Age as you (or lower) as another avenue for Trades (or until such time that is not required).

Fair Trades

1:1 trade is of the same age.
10 Lumber:10 Wine - 5 Stone:5 Marble

2:1 trade is 1 age apart ONLY ONE AGE APART (lower to higher)
10 Lumber:5 Iron. -. 10 Gold:5 Salt

1:2 trade is 1 age apart ONLY ONE AGE APART ( higher to lower)
5 Alabaster:10 Jewelry - 5 Iron:10 dye

Unfair trades are not allowed in the guild trade thread, but are allowed in the market.
Ex. 20 Iron:20 Gold - this is unfair - same amount but different ages

Unfair trades are used when you purchase Great Building goods and can cross multiple ages (usually costs Forge Points also)
100 Ebony: 200 Algae these are IA:FA (Future Age)

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