Welcome Aboard!

Hi and welcome to the Wandering Marauders! Thanks for stopping in and here are a few on-boarding tips:

  1. Guild threads are marked with an [emoji] and you will be or have been added to our active ones.
  2. Some Guild threads also carry the (Don't Leave) addition. Please do not leave these messages as they help conduct the day-to-day business of the Guild. Feel free to leave those messages that are not marked as such if you feel that it will not benefit you, but note that you can always be added back to them later.
  3. While competing in the Guild Expedition (GE) is not mandatory, it is encouraged due to the individual rewards you will receive. We understand that it will take a COUPLE of FEW weeks to get settled in and get up to speed.
  4. Please do not snipe your Guildmates (place Forge Points on their Great Buildings unless it is through a Swap or with permission).
  5. Also, we all help each other through Sticks-2-Bricks! Not much is required, we just ask you contribute 1 FP to all new buildings (don’t worry, you will catch on).
  6. If you are new to the game (or need a quick refresher), check out our content here - we may have some information for advanced players as well.
  7. We try and keep our main Guild Message thread clear to pass important information and have other conversations to the relevant (and most) appropriate threads.

Good luck! Ask questions and contribute (or not) to our Threads. We are glad to have you and welcome aboard - Come by and let us buy you a drink in 🍝🍷 Dave's Bar 🍺🍔!!

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