1.9 Thread

What is a 1.9 Thread?

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1. Tool: FoETools
2. Video Link for Tool: Tool Video
3. Video Link for Thread Demo: Thread Demo

Setting Up the Tool

The link provided above automatically takes you the Arc building.

Note: If you scroll back up and insert a number into the “Number of FPs currently put by the owner”, the window in #3 will show “(Secured)” to show which reward spots are safe to advertise.

Note: On mobile, it may be easier to follow if you select ‘Yes’ to the “Display the table in card view? (on small screen)” option. If this option is selected, each Place (reward spot), is provided in a ‘card view’ that you will need to scroll through.

Follow along in the tutorial with step-by-step, including pictures.

1.9 Mechanics

Please follow this framework when posting requests to our 1.9 thread.

*** GB POSTING ***

Once position(s) have been made secure by adding a sufficient amount of FP, they can be posted in the name, GB, secured reward Places (lowest to highest) format. For example:

If the GB owner is too busy to reach out to people needing their first set of BP and are content to wait until a newer person can fill the spot, the GB Owner can still help out newer folks by changing one or more spots by adding “New” to the end of it as Snozzlossus did for the P5 reward place:

If there is an active GB in the thread, then the GB owner must append theirs to the existing one in their post. In the next image, Big Pimpin is adding her HC to the active list by copying Snozzlossus' advertisement and appending her own ...

*** GB FILLING ***

The advertised positions are taken in order from highest to lowest … P1 then P2 then P3, etc., and then repost the complete request in its entirety with the position filled removed. The following picture will show the next post after Big Pimpin's HC P2 has been filled by Czarina.

As an option, you can call a position for IMMEDIATE filling by simple announcement. Then, repost the list accordingly per above. In the following picture, Dave has called for Snozz's P3 by posting "3", then filled the advertised spot and reposted the advertisement after removing the filled spot.

When there are multiple GB's advertised, one could call the GB owner's name and spot (ex: "Snozz P3") or multiple spots across different GBs's (ex: "3 and 4”) – the latter assumes your intent is to immediately fill those GBs. The following picture shows Dave calling for a spot on each advertised GB and then reposting the advertisement after they have been filled.

You can not call a position out of order so you will need to wait until the other spots are called/filled or you can contact the owner to let you have that position (so I hope you haven’t crossed them) and they have the option of revising their request to remove a position or editing the request to note the change:

Last, the person that fills the last request such that no other GBs would remain on the list shall post “Clear” to notify all others there are no requests in the thread. Czarina filled Big Pimpin's HC P4 to 'clear' the list. She also filled Dave's CC P1 after he advertised it so marks it 'Clear' again.

*** BUSY, BUSY, BUSY ***

While it may initially seem complicated, especially when the thread is busy, the understanding can be simplified by following the above mechanics. Here is a breakdown of the following example that can seem convoluted at first, but a fair representation of a 1.9 thread:

  1. Czarina posts her LoA's P1 and P2.
  2. Big Pimpin appends her Arc to Czarina's advertisement and also removes Czarina's LoA P1 for filling.
  3. Dave removes Big Pimpin's Arc for filling and also appends his Zues for advertisement.
  4. Snozz comes along and marks the thread as "Clear" because he fills both Czarina's LoA P2 and Dave's Zues P4.

Notes and Tips

  • GB owner shall secure (prime) the spot(s) before posting. This can be calculated by using the FoE Tools or similar web application or by manual calculation.
  • Please do not post your GB in the thread as it has a tendency to 'muddy up the waters'. You can locate the owner's GB by simply: (1) Selecting their Avatar and (2) Selecting "Great Buildings".
  • If you have an Arc Level 80, then you are required to fill at least one (1) requested P1 or P2 if currently requested in the thread when you post your own GB.
  • A GB owner can modify their advertisement at any time as long as their GB is not currently receiving service.
  • If a position has “New” next to it; it can only be taken by someone who does not yet have a complete set of Blueprints for that GB.
  • If you call spots 1 or 2 on a Level 30 - 70 GB; those must be filled immediately as they are highly snipeable (no RQ cycling or looping).
  • It is a good idea to exit the thread and re-enter it after you have posted to call a spot (with either method) and then fill the GB accordingly. This will ensure that there is no double posting due to lag such that you, the other investor, or the GB owner are left shorted FP and allows for a pause to correct any mis-postings or potential confusion if the thread is busy before any FP is committed.
  • Disclaimer: The above messenger windows are a work of fiction for demonstration purposes only. Any similarities to persons, animals or actual events is purely coincidental.

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